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For the last six months, I’ve been learning, working, reading, meeting, teaching, thinking, skiing, golfing, and otherwise pondering the purpose of everything I do, including running 14 Clicks.

Aside from that, Nick and I were invited to pull together one of the most comprehensive entrepreneurship resources the Internet has ever seen. It’s been an eye-opening and life-altering project that’s finally going to be unveiled this week.

More on that in a bit.

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A few weeks ago, Nick Scheidies asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. I had a long day, I was tired, and I wanted to go home. But a walk seemed like the right thing to do.

For those of you who don’t know Nick Scheidies, we were co-authors of this book.

So we started our walk with no aim, mission, or purpose other than to talk. About an hour and three miles later, that walk got serious, real serious. Nick helped me realize how arrogant and selfish I had been with my entrepreneurial aspirations.

Let me explain.

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I grew up in a go-to-school, get-a-degree, get-a-job type of family. I remember thinking, “Why are businesses even open during the day when everyone’s at work?”

One day when I was 12 I was lying on my bed and thinking, “Man, we work Monday through Friday and clean the house on Saturday. Sunday is the only day that’s any fun.”

Upon making that realization, I started balling my little eyes out. That’s the day I started looking for ways to make sure that didn’t happen to me.

This is my entrepreneurial journey starting at age six.

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