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I’ve wanted an iPhone for ages, but I haven’t bought one yet because only six of my seven prerequisites are met.

No matter what you’re selling, how you’re selling it, or who you’re selling it to, there are seven things that customers need to know before they decide to buy.

Let’s use Apple’s brilliant copywriting for the iPhone as an example.

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Did you know that Hitler helped found Volkswagen?

According to the Hitler Museum, Hitler wanted to create a “people’s car” because, at the time, only one in fifty German families was able to afford an automobile. So while sitting in a Munich restaurant in 1932, he sketched the first design for what became the Volkswagen Beetle.

Then Hitler recruited renowned engineer, Ferdinand Porsche (yep, founder of Porsche), to manufacture an affordable car for the people of Germany. Porsche agreed and created the People’s Car, which, in German translates to Volkswagen.

If you thought that was interesting, here are 24 other fascinating stories behind your favorite brand names.

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The purpose of web design is two-fold.

One, to put an image in your visitor’s head so they’ll remember visiting your site. Two, and more importantly, to get your traffic to take a particular action.

Every page needs to have a goal and every design element needs to make that goal obvious. Use these golden rules to make sure your web design is responsive and ahead of the game.

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In an interview with Inc. Magazine, Leslie Harrington, the executive director of The Color Association said, “Before anything else, they see color.”

It’s true. Color is the first thing we see and the last thing we remember. The first and most important step in developing your brand is to pick your color scheme. Once you have your colors, you can make decisions about your logo, website, and business cards.

People have been telling me, “your site looks good” and it’s mostly because of the colors. Before I started 14 Clicks, I went through this 3-step process to pick the perfect colors for my brand.

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So far this week I’ve worn 19 of the 23 hats and it’s only Wednesday.

When you’re starting out, you have to do everything for your business. You have to wear many hats. Each of these 23 hats is a job or an entire department in a typical corporation.

I want to list all the hats that entrepreneurs juggle, or should be juggling, so you can get a better idea for what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

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