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Have you ever had a crazy customer?

If you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time. And if you know how to deal with an angry customer, you can dramatically change how they feel about you and your business.

Today I want to show you a very angry customer email I received last year and how I made him extraordinarily happy.

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So far this week I’ve worn 19 of the 23 hats and it’s only Wednesday.

When you’re starting out, you have to do everything for your business. You have to wear many hats. Each of these 23 hats is a job or an entire department in a typical corporation.

I want to list all the hats that entrepreneurs juggle, or should be juggling, so you can get a better idea for what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

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Last summer, I was watching Dragon Ball Z with a high school dropout who had made millions by 21 when he asked, “What do they teach in business school?”

Here’s a 22-year-old kid who has made more money than most people will ever make, yet he asked as though he missed out on something. I graduated from a top 100 business school but I didn’t really know how to answer his question. So I made this list.

After scrounging through my $40,000 college education, I managed to come up with 101 things I learned in business school.

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