State of 14 Clicsk

State of 14 Clicks Address 2012

by Nicholas Tart on July 1, 2012

For the last six months, I’ve been learning, working, reading, meeting, teaching, thinking, skiing, golfing, and otherwise pondering the purpose of everything I do, including running 14 Clicks.

Aside from that, Nick and I were invited to pull together one of the most comprehensive entrepreneurship resources the Internet has ever seen. It’s been an eye-opening and life-altering project that’s finally going to be unveiled this week.

More on that in a bit.

What’s Going on with 14 Clicks?

I know, I know. I needed to take 6-month hiatus from 14 Clicks for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been busy working with clients. At the end of last year, I signed a lease on a house that I couldn’t afford. This meant that I needed to focus on the work that pays me, which, unfortunately, doesn’t include writing for 14 Clicks. (This site actually costs money.)
  2. I’ve been reimagining my vision for 14 Clicks. I want to make sure that I create a resource that helps people do incredible things through entrepreneurship. Not just read, learn, and think about it. I’ve heard from a few of you about the projects that 14 Clicks has inspired you to start, but I think we can do better. And this starts with crafting a clear, long-term vision.

Even though it’s been six months since I’ve updated this site, it’s been growing. In that time, we’ve had over 100,000 visits, almost 200,000 minutes of activity, and traffic grew 59.5% over the previous six months.

Not bad, huh?

What’s this Life-Altering Project?

Also towards the end of last year, somebody asked me to create something for them … something that’s never been created quite like he envisioned.

So Nick Scheidies and I set out to do that.

We researched, we planned, we scouted, we targeted, we asked, we listened, we produced, and we delivered.

What started as a lofty project for a client turned into the most thought-provoking, standard-shifting, and purpose-questioning learning experience of my life.

On Wednesday, I’ll reveal many of the important lessons I learned. If you’re subscribed, look out for that email.

With that, what have you been up to? I want to know because I want to help.

Note: Now Released!.

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