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Everything You Need to Know About Business to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

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More Details About the Book

Nicholas Tart

I’m a 23-year-old full-time, internet entrepreneur and I’ve dedicated my career to helping young people become successful entrepreneurs.

In Get Started with Entrepreneurship: Everything You Need to Know About Business to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur I break down my $40,000 Business Degree and 11 years of entrepreneurial experience to provide you a bare-bones, easy-to-follow process for running a successful business.

Chapter 1: Have an Idea – Small, Big, or Kooky
How to choose the perfect idea and dramatically increase the odds of its success from the outset.

Chapter 2: Know the Ropes – Check Out Your Market and Their Alternatives
Why it’s important to know the business you’re getting into and how to uncover the ins-and-outs of that market.

Chapter 3: Plan Your Success – Discover How You’ll Make Money
How to package your business for success and the best way to price your offering to avoid leaving money on the table.

Chapter 4: Market Your Business – Hone in on Your Target Market
How to choose your ideal customer and build a brand that gets people to do the selling for you.

Chapter 5: Reach Your Customers – Let People Know that You Exist
Where you’ll find your first customers and how to reach them with the golden sales pitch.

Chapter 6: Lift Off – Transform Your Plans into Action
A checklist to see if all systems are ready for launch and the best ways to maximize sales in the first week of your business.

Chapter 7: Get it Done – Master the Day-to-Day
How to convert your yearly goals into daily tasks and maintain super-human levels of productivity.

Chapter 8: Find Your Fortune – How to Collect and Manage Your Money
A fool-proof process for getting your customers to pay you on time, every time.

Chapter 9: Legal Mumbo Jumbo – Everything from Licenses to LLCs
Everything you need to know about the legalities of running a business and how to pay taxes as an entrepreneur.

Chapter 10: Grow – Earn a Spot in Our Next Book
Most business owners never become entrepreneurs. Learn the truth about the entrepreneur’s role and the only five ways to grow your business.

Bonus: 61 Steps to Becoming a Successful Young Entrepreneur
A simple, step-by-step process that walks you through starting with an idea to launching your business to becoming set for life.

There’s a science, a process, and a system to running a successful business. I wrote Get Started with Entrepreneurship as a system to help you become a successful young entrepreneur.

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