Isn’t entrepreneur just a fancy way of saying business owner? In some cases, yes.

But anyone can be a business owner. What sets entrepreneurs apart from those who simply start a businesses is how they manage the business and what they do to keep it growing.

Today I’ve asked Anita Campbell, CEO of BizSugar, to give you three things you can do to make the transition from business owner to entrepreneur.

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Adam Toren is an iconic figure in the ever-popular world of entrepreneurship.

Adam and his brother, Matthew, run several of the world’s most popular websites for young entrepreneurs that collectively receive over 500,000 visitors per month. And today I’m honored to announce the release of their latest book, Small Business, Big Vision.

In this exclusive interview, Adam details why a big-time publisher approached him and his brother to write this book, how the year-long publishing process works, and why he believes the BIG Vision is the most critical element to running a successful business.

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I’ve wanted an iPhone for ages, but I haven’t bought one yet because only six of my seven prerequisites are met.

No matter what you’re selling, how you’re selling it, or who you’re selling it to, there are seven things that customers need to know before they decide to buy.

Let’s use Apple’s brilliant copywriting for the iPhone as an example.

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Did you know that Hitler helped found Volkswagen?

According to the Hitler Museum, Hitler wanted to create a “people’s car” because, at the time, only one in fifty German families was able to afford an automobile. So while sitting in a Munich restaurant in 1932, he sketched the first design for what became the Volkswagen Beetle.

Then Hitler recruited renowned engineer, Ferdinand Porsche (yep, founder of Porsche), to manufacture an affordable car for the people of Germany. Porsche agreed and created the People’s Car, which, in German translates to Volkswagen.

If you thought that was interesting, here are 24 other fascinating stories behind your favorite brand names.

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When asked, “why do you want to be an entrepreneur?”, most people give one of three answers:

  1. I want to by my own boss.
  2. I want to make a lot of money.
  3. I want to do things my way.

These are terrible, thoughtless answers that make you seem like you have no idea what you’re talking about. Instead, here are five meaningful, non-cliché reasons to be an entrepreneur.

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