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6 Business Card Ninja Tactics I Used to Get You to Come Here

I only printed off a thousand of these business cards. So it doesn’t make much sense for me to create a secret page that at most 1000 people will see.

But I like thinking of and implementing creative ways to make an impact on people. So here’s a list of six ninja tactics I used on the back of my business card to get you to come here.

Eye-Catching Logo

14 Clicks Business Card LogoWhen you turned over my business card, the first thing I wanted you to see was my logo. I hope you’re reaction went something like this:

“Oh, this wasn’t made in Microsoft Word. This guy must be legit.”

The logo also helped you align the card hamburger-style so you knew which way to hold it.

Subconscious Background Lines

14 Clicks Business Card LinesIf you look closely at the logo, you’ll notice that the background has subtle lines that all point to a singular focal point lower portion of the card. Their purpose is two-fold:

  1. To add a professional touch.
  2. More importantly: To cause your eyes to follow the lines so you kept reading the card.

Good graphic design subconsciously encourages you to consume the marketing message.

Alluring Drop Cap

14 Clicks Business Card Drop CapAs your eyes were moving down the card, the first thing I wanted you to notice was the “S” because that’s the start of the sentence.

To encourage someone to do something (in this case, to go to, you need to tell people why they should do it.

If you just see a link to a webpage, you’re probably not going visit it.

But if a reason introduces the link, you’re much more likely to visit.

Relevant Call to Action

14 Clicks Business Card Landing PageNow let’s pick apart the sentence:

“See a good example of a business card landing page at”

  • Context – Weeks, months, or years before I ever met you, I predicted the context of our conversation. I figured you would be a young entrepreneur, probably like myself, who is curious about the finer details of entrepreneurship.
  • See – I chose the word “See” because “Read” is boring, “Take a look at” is too long, and “Find” implies more work.
  • a good example – I could’ve just said “an example,” but by adding “good” it makes you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t go there.
  • business card landing page – It’s relevant to the channel because it’s on a business card, and it’s probably a topic you haven’t researched, so it’ll be new.
  • – The call-to-action (CTA). Short domain and easy to remember. Always put the CTA at the end of whatever message you’re delivering.

Mysterious “Free”

14 Clicks Business Card FreeWhy did I use the word “free” at the end of my domain?

Free is mysterious. It makes you curious enough to take action. And “free” implies that you’re going to get something when you go there.

You’re just not sure what, which brings the mystery element full circle.

Strategically-Placed Whitespace

14 Clicks Business Card WhitespaceAlways leave non-glossy, whitespace on the back of your business card so people have room to write something. Once someone makes a note on the back of your card, that area becomes the most valuable portion of the card to them.

So I left whitespace under the CTA because that’s the area that people are going to reference prior to contacting me.

The Call to Action

It wouldn’t be a good landing page without a CTA.

If I put this much work into my business card (and you probably haven’t even scanned the QR code yet), then imagine how much work I’ve put into the rest of this site.

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