Famous Logos Hidden Messages

21 Famous Logos with Mind-Blowing Hidden Messages

by Nicholas Tart on April 6, 2011 · 57 comments

After this, you’ll never look at these logos the same.

You’ve probably seen a few of these, but I guarantee that there’s at least one you’ve never seen before. If not, I’ll PayPal you a dollar for being so awesome. Plus, I found something new in the FedEx logo.

Here are 21 famous logos with super-insane hidden messages that’ll blow your mind! Try to find the hidden symbolism before you read the descriptions.

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All of these logos are trademarked by their respective organizations.

1. Amazon

Amazon LogoThe arrow makes a smile and Amazon sells everything from __ to __.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Falcons LogoThe logo is an “F” for Falcons.

3. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins LogoEverybody knows Baskin Robbins has “31” flavors.

4. Big Ten

Big Ten LogoThe Big Ten welcomed their 11th school, Penn State, in 1990 and didn’t want to change their logo.

5. FedEx

FedEx LogoMost people know about the arrow between the “E” and the “x.” But did you notice that the “ed” hangs lower than the other letters. And! There’s a spoon in “Fed.”

6. Formula 1

Formula 1 LogoThe black is the letter “F” and there’s a “1” in the negative space.

7. Goodwill

Goodwill LogoDo you see half of a happy face or do you see a “g”?

8. Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation LogoThere’s a knight in armor with a spear in the middle of the “K.” But if you look closely you can also see the head of a horse.

9. Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France LogoThere’s a bicyclist in that logo. Hint: The yellow is a wheel.

10. LG

LG Logo PacmanSome speculate that the logo for Life’s Good is inspired by Pac-Man.

11. London Symphony Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra LogoWhat do you see first? The initials “LSO” or a conductor with a wand?

12. Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers LogoFirst I saw it as a baseball mitt. But if you look closely you can see the “m” and the “b.”

13. NBC

NBC LogoNBC’s logo is a forward-looking peacock that incorporates the six primary and secondary colors in its feathers. The six feathers symbolize NBC’s six divisions: News, Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Network, and Productions.

14. Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines LogoYou probably see an “N” in a circle. But the triangle makes a “W” for “west” and it points northwest.

15. Roxy and Quicksilver

Roxy Quicksilver LogoRoxy is a clothing brand for women owned by Quicksilver. The logo is comprised of two Quicksilver logos to make the shape of a heart.

16. Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio LogoThe Sony Vaio logo symbolizes the integration of analog and digital technology. Th “VA” forms an analog wave and “IO” represents a binary 1 and 0.

17. Staples

Staples LogoThe “L” isn’t an “L.”

18. Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems LogoSun’s logo is four interweaved copies of the word “sun.”

19. TaylorMade

Taylormade LogoThe “T” is the bottom-side of a driver.

20. Toblerone

Toblerone LogoToblerone originated from Bern, Switzerland. The town is also known as “The City of Bears.”

21. Tostitos

Tostitos LogoDo you see the two people enjoying the chips and dip?

Bonus: The 5th Face of Mt. Rushmore

Mt Rushmore SidewaysSame image rotated 90 degrees to the left. If you’re having trouble seeing the fifth face, blur your eyes.

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