Earnings Disclaimer

Earnings Disclaimer

If you’ve read through our about page, you’ll know that “transparency” is one of our core values. In the interest of transparency, we want you to know all the ways 14 Clicks makes money and the other benefits we get out of running this site. There’s some juicy stuff in here.

How 14 Clicks Makes Money

Running a website that doesn’t make money is like volunteering the time you would spend having a job. Unless you’re independently wealthy or you have someone else paying your bills, you can’t do it for very long.

One of our aims is to make money and teach you how to do the same. There are five ways 14 Clicks makes money.

1. Affiliate Links

Sometimes we’ll recommend products or services to help you start, manage, or build your business. If you decide to click the link and purchase the product or service, we’ll get a commission. The commission varies depending on what you buy. This is the main way 14 Clicks is monetized.

We will never recommend a product or service that we don’t, either, use ourselves or have 100% faith in its quality and benefit to you. We don’t leave a note after every affiliate link, but if you see a link with our domain name and a refer attribute, it’s probably an affiliate link (e.g. http://14clicks.com/use/freshbooks).

2. Selling Products

If you purchase something from 14clicks.com, we’re going to make money. Currently, we’re selling our book and our ‘Create a Website’ course. In the future, we’ll be selling other products.

3. Providing Services

One of the benefits to running an online business is that we’ve developed a valuable skill set. We know a lot about web development, online branding, internet marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media. If someone hires us or our companies as a result of finding us on 14 Clicks, we’re going to make money.

4. Advertisements

For the time being, you won’t find any advertisements on 14 Clicks. Typically, you should wait until you have at least 5,000 unique visitors per day before you can start attracting advertisers.

Don’t waste your time with Google AdSense. The ads are intentionally hideous (so people will see them immediately), they turn off your first-time visitors, and they don’t make that much money. In a year-and-a-half on my first site, I only made $102.77 with 19,640 pageviews.

5. Indirect Income

A high-profile website naturally leads to other money-making opportunities. We don’t know who will find our site, what they’ll want us to do, and how much they’ll pay us. But if they pay us, we’ll make money.

I’ll talk about a few of these opportunities in the next section.

Other Benefits to Running 14 Clicks

Believe it or not, money isn’t the only reason entrepreneurs start businesses. Once you have your basic needs covered, money becomes a secondary benefit to doing what we love.

There are a lot of reasons we’re running 14 Clicks besides just making money.

1. To Find and Interact with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

You know how there are some people who you can’t stand talking to? It’s excruciating because you simply don’t have anything in common.

Then there are other people who you could talk to for hours. Entrepreneurs are those people to us.

We love meeting and interacting with you. There’s a huge benefit to being able to talk to fellow entrepreneurs and we want to meet and learn from as many of you as possible.

2. To Build a Tribe

We want to become part of your entrepreneurial journey. In turn, you’ll become a true fan. Someone who will read every word we write. Someone who will tell strangers about us. Someone who will build their business along side of us.

If we help you get what you want, you’ll help us get what we want. Nothing is more valuable than having an army of people who want to return the favor.

3. To Create a Personal Brand

I spend 50+ hours per week running this site so I can become the ‘Gen-Y Entrepreneur Guy’. Whether it’s for press queries, speaking gigs, or general guidance, I want to be the go-to resource for youth entrepreneurship.

I am @14clicksNick.

4. To Get Awards and Mentions

Let’s face it, everyone loves to get a little recognition. We want to be recognized as the “Best in the World at…[insert lots of things].”

14 Clicks is the platform that will help us get mentioned with the top-guns in this niche.

5. To Smile More Often

Personally, I love this stuff. When I was about 10 years old, I had mild panic attack when I realized that I was growing up. That I was going to be like every other adult and dread my life Monday through Friday so I could clean Saturday and enjoy Sunday. That day I made a commitment to myself to enjoy everyday, not just the weekends. I found out that entrepreneurship is the best way to do that.

As I write this, it’s 1:24 AM on a Wednesday and I don’t plan on going to bed anytime soon.

Other Miscellaneous, but Official Business

Besides how we make money and how we benefit from running this site, there are a few things we need to make clear.

1. We Don’t Guarantee Similar Results

Sometimes we’ll give you a stat about our business or someone else’s business to serve as an example of the outcome as a result of our advice. Maybe it’s a traffic count, a subscriber count, or a dollar amount. In any case, these simply serve as examples, not guarantees.

It’s up to you to take action on your choice of our suggestions and experience your own outcomes as a result of the work you put in.

2. All Testimonials and Endorsements are Real

Somewhere along the line, marketers thought it was okay to conjure up testimonials for their own products. We will never, ever do this. You’re way too smart and we’re not about to put effort into creating a brand that’s based on deception. Remember, “honesty” is another one of our core values.

If you see a testimonial for one of our products or something else we recommend, take comfort in knowing that it came from a real person who actually experienced it first-hand. Most of the time, it’ll be unsolicited. Meaning, we created a quality product that made someone want to tell us about their experience without us asking them to.


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