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Every Blog Post Earns an Extra 1,320 Visits Per Year

by Nicholas Tart on July 20, 2011

Think about the last thing you Googled. You were probably looking for the answer to a question, a product to buy, or a person to contact.

What you found was a series of links. Then those links took you to a web page. And that web page had an answer, a product, or an email form. This is otherwise known as content.

You want people to visit your website, right? People seek content. A blog is the best way to add content. So, you need a blog.

Still not convinced? Using a few stats and some eye-opening algebra, I’ll show you why your site needs a blog with tons of content.

Average Blog Post Traffic

JuniorBiz, my other blog and first website, received 15,229 visits in the last month. It has 131 blog posts and seven other pages that get a substantial amount of traffic.

So every webpage on JuniorBiz gets an average of 110 visits per month or 1,320 per year from search engines (79.15%), social media sites (2.5%), and a slew of other sources.

In contrast, 14 Clicks received 1,762 visits in the last month and it has 29 significant web pages (24 blog posts). That’s an average of 61 visits per month and 732 visits per year for every blog post.

Stats for Blog Post Frequencies

Using JuniorBiz’s stats, let’s take a look at some popular blog post frequencies to see how much extra monthly traffic your site can get after one year of sticking to that frequency:

  • 1 post/month = an extra 1,320 visits/month
  • 1 post/week = an extra 5,720 visits/month
  • 3 posts/week = an extra 17,160 visits/month
  • 5 posts/week = an extra 28,600 visits/month
  • 5 posts/day = an extra 200,750 visits/month

Plus, this doesn’t include the content multiplier effect where every web page on your site makes every other web page more valuable and rank higher.

As you post and interlink more content, your average visits/webpage will increase. This is part of the reason JuniorBiz gets more visits/blog post than 14 Clicks.

But Just Any Old Content Won’t Do

If you think that you can scrape the internet and rummage through article directories to add content to your site and see these results, you’re wrong.

You still need to create incredibly high-quality content, post it properly to WordPress, optimize it for search engines, and get people to share it through social media.

It all starts with incredible content.

People don’t visit Bora Bora for the mini golf and bacci ball. They visit because it’s one of the most incredibly beautiful places in the world..

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