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6 Ways to Drive Big Time Website Traffic

by Nicholas Tart on April 18, 2011 · 4 comments

Every website owner is addicted to traffic. We can’t help but constantly refresh our Analytics. The only way to get our fix is to inject our site with a traffic spike.

Traffic is fun but it doesn’t necessarily turn into money. In fact, excessive traffic can crash your site and cripple your business. I know at least one kid who got so much traffic that it cost more to host the site than he was bringing in in revenue.

But it’s still the second step to making money online. There are only six ways to drive tons of traffic and four are absolutely free.

1. Search Engines

Search engines are the ultimate source of traffic. It’s free, targeted, and consistent.

As long as you know the basics of SEO, search engines will send tons of free traffic to your site. It’s targeted because your content controls what type of visitor you want, and you know that that visitor is there to consume that content.

Plus, once you start ranking for a few keywords, those pages will receive consistent, predictable levels of traffic every month.

It’s a lot of work to create content that ranks well in search engines, but it’s the holy grail of traffic.

2. Social Media

Through Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Digg your site can go from 100 visitors a month to 100,000 visitors in a day.

You never know what will go viral on social media. Sometimes it’s a comic about How to Pet a Kitty (290,000 Likes) and other days it’s Mario on Digg (70,000 unique visitors in one day).

It’s fun to get a social media traffic spike, but it doesn’t mean anything unless they stick around and buy something.

Or if they become leads. Here’s how to integrate SEO and social media to get email subscribers.

3. Software as a Service

If you create a software-based site that is incredibly simple, useful, and easy to share; you’ll get tons of free traffic. Think Facebook, YouTube, and PopCap Games.

This is the hardest way to get big time traffic. But if you can create something that people love, it’s the best way to grow a gargantuan site.

4. Advertising

Online advertising comes in two forms. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) means you only pay when someone clicks the ad and goes to your site. Cost-Per-Impression (CPM) means you pay a certain amount for every 1000 impressions, no matter how many clicks you get. PPC is generally better.

Lots of marketers with high-converting offers use PPC ads to drive tons of traffic. If you know that you can make more per visitor than your cost per click, pay for advertising. But you’re going to pay anywhere from $0.50 to $10 per click.

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are the two most popular PPC ad networks. Google is targeted to the search, and Facebook is targeted to the person.

5. Affiliates

The other “paid” option for driving tons of traffic is through affiliate marketing. Adam Horwitz gets millions of visitors to his product launches simply by attracting affiliates.

If you sell something with a high profit margin (e.g. a digital product), then offer an enticing affiliate commission to people who can promote it for you. They’ll send their traffic and you only have to pay the affiliate if that person purchases something.

It’s like PPC on steroids.

6. National Press

Last November we had an article about our book that was syndicated by Yahoo! Finance. The article had one link to our book and it sent over 17,000 people to our site.

Local and regional press raises awareness about your business to people in your community, but it won’t drive much website traffic.

The only way to get a ton of traffic from press is if it becomes a national news story. Either you have to know the right people or be exceptionally cool.

What’s the most amount of traffic you’ve gotten in a day from any of these sources?

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